Fiona and me with Nutmeg and Kipling at Normanhurst HDT, August 2006

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Horse Driving Trials Galleries is a collection of photography by Mike Watts, amateur sports photographer based in Suffolk, UK. View the photo galleries for images from many indoor and outdoor horse driving trials events and a few video clips, all free to view or download. Thank you for visiting!
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Eacdg Ashfields 22-23 April 2023 Various

Indoor driving: ICD Championships 14-16 April 2023 Various
Indoor driving: Wix EC 12 February 2023 Various
Indoor driving: Easton 5 February 2023 Various
Indoor driving: Wix EC 29 January 2023 Various
Indoor driving: Easton 8 January 2023 A few
Indoor driving: Wix EC 28 December 2022 Second half
Indoor driving: Wix EC 20 November 2022 Various
Indoor driving: Easton 9 October 2022 Various
Indoor driving: Wix EC 8 October 2022 Various

2021-2 British National Indoor Driving Championships: Arena UK 1-3 April 2022 Various

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Hdt event scores, Hdt event details, Hdt forum

Marathon time calculator

Updated 12th April 2022 Hdt marathon time calculator which you can run on a mobile device - iphone or android or Kindle (or PC).

Simply follow the link - then on a smartphone or an iphone/ipod etc use the phone's menu to Add Bookmark to home page and you can then use it whether or not you're on a network.

Enter the marathon length, then speed or time allowed and it will calculate your km times for section A or B, then click "Min and Max" or Mid time to get maximum and minimum times, or the mid time, whichever you use.

Free hdt scoring system

I make free scoring software for horse driving trials. You can find my Excel version and now the new 2023 app version which has all the functionality but is easier to use and runs on most devices PC, Mac, phone, tablet...). See Scoring software and information

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